We want to say thank you to the following businesses for supporting us along our journey! These are services that we have used and love - we highly recommend them to our lovely customers if you're ever in need of the following industry professionals!



Dry Cleaning - Green Box Dry Cleaners

Website: www.greenboxdrycleaners.co.nz 

Address: 1 Queen Mary Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

Green Box Dry Cleaners is a family owned and operated business that started in 1952 in Fiji and has now offered their  professionalism and fabric care in Auckland. Not only do they provide high-calibre services, their commitment to the environment aligns directly with our sustainable ethos. Many dry cleaners use chemicals that are toxic; when customers repeatedly wear garments that are coated in those chemicals it can become dangerous. Green Box uses non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning solutions; this ensures that our beautiful garments can stay perfectly clean and fresh without containing any nasty chemicals! 



Make-up Artist - Azel

Instagram: @azelsmakeup

Azel is a self taught MUA based in West Auckland. She has provided her services countless times for our catalogue and campaign shoots.  Her skills are amazing, we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a makeup artist for any type of events.