Postal Try-On


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  • All postal try-ons are booked are subject to availability and rental bookings take priority. Please email us at with the subject line "Postal Try-On" before purchasing this.

    1. Check availability of the garment/s for the garment/s you want the try-on for.
    2. Email us the list of available garment/s you are wanting to try on as well as the date of your event you are looking to wear it on.
    3. Wait for our confirmation email.
    4. Click "Add to cart" (add one for every garment you're trying on).
    5. Choose an appropriate shipping option.
    6. Once you have tried on, return the garment/s in the pre-addressed bag or by dropping it off at our HQ on the next working day before 2pm

    We have this process so that customers who want to book our garments for an event have priority and don't miss out if they book in advance, and customers looking to try them on are able to when an availability pops up.

    Postal try-ons give you time to see if you really like the garments and the ability to accessorise them with what's available in your own wardrobe. The fee is to help with administrative costs for organising a try-on as it is just as time-intensive as organising rentals (packaging + sending + cleaning).

    Please note that a 'Postal Try-On' is non-refundable.