Customer reviews
“Awesome communication and customer service! The beautiful dress I ordered was exactly as I expected (if not better) and the whole process from start to finish was a breeze. Eco-friendly packaging too, which is always a massive selling point for me.”
— Dana Y
“I’ve been hiring from Rabbit Borrows since 2019 and have never hired a dress I haven’t worn. I loved the dress I wore on the weekend so much I wanted to buy it… that’s the problem (ha!) but at least I can wear it and not HAVE to buy it. It’s a win win.”
— Olivia D
“I like to wear something new and beautiful to each event, and renting is an affordable way to do this. From start to finish the process of renting is really straightforward. Love that Rabbit Borrows has a wider range of sizes than some other places, and the option to rent multiple days is really handy when going out of town.”
— Daisy Y

Find Your Dream Dress For Less

Rabbit Borrows makes dressing for life’s celebrations easy.

Choose an outfit → get it sent to your door →  turn heads at your event → send it back

 Designer fashion has never been so accessible. And the circular economy has never looked so good.

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Can renting really save the planet?

Not exactly, but circular fashion keeps more clothes out of landfill — which is definitely something to celebrate!