Breathe easy with damage protection

The reality of life is that accidents can & do happen — the dance floor gets wild, wine gets spilled, cake gets messy, & fabric gets ripped.

They say peace of mind is priceless…But you can get it for just $17.50.

How it works

When booking a rental, you have the option of adding damage protection for $17.50 at the checkout. All you have to do is tick the box. 

What's covered?

Our damage protection policy means Rabbit Borrows will cover any minor damages to your rental such as rips or stains to a maximum cost of $200 per item.

What's not covered

Damage protection doesn’t cover any costs associated with:

- Late returns
- Irreparable or excessive damage to an item
(including stains that can’t be removed) 
- Loss of item due to carelessness or theft


What happens if the damage is over the amount covered?

If the item is irreparable or lost, you will be liable to cover 150% of the garment’s RRP (at the discretion of Rabbit Borrows) so that we can replace it.

Do I get to keep the item if it’s beyond repair?

No. The garment must be returned to us after it is rented, even if you accidentally damage it. 

What if I receive my rental and it’s already damaged?

This shouldn’t happen, but if you do receive an item that’s somehow slipped through the cracks with any rips/stains etc, please don’t be tempted to whip out Grandma's sewing machine and try to fix it yourself! Contact us instead so we can sort it out.

What if I choose not to add damage protection?

It’s not compulsory, so that’s 100% okay (just understand you’ll be responsible for covering the full cost of any damages). 

Stree-free renting sound good to you?