By entering or using any part of “”, you agree to be bound by this Rental Agreement. If you do not agree to any or all of the agreement, our services will not be available to you (the renter).

This Rental Agreement is a legal agreement between you (the renter) and Rabbit Borrows. The agreement was established by us to ensure both you (the renter) and Rabbit Borrows are covered if anything were to go wrong.


Once you have hired your garment for hire from Rabbit Borrows you are agreeing to our terms & conditions. Please note the garment is for single use only; the customer who purchased this garment is the only one able to wear this garment. Your garment is for use ONLY on the day you selected to hire when making your purchase. 



Rabbit Borrows does offer to pick up and drop off. To arrange a pick up please contact us on 



Usually dresses are hired over a weekend (Friday-Sunday). They get couriered back to us on a Monday which is an overnight courier so we receive them back from the girls who wore them the weekend before, on the Tuesday. We then wash these dresses (whether it be dry-clean overnight or hand wash). You item will be shipping either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning on an overnight courier for you to receive your item on Thursday. We contract a third party organisation (Courier Post NZ) to process all of our shipping requirements.We always aim to post dresses 1-3 days before the date of your event.

Please note that their overnight courier system is not a 100% guarantee for overnight service. From our experience, they almost always deliver our lovely garments on time, but there are very rare occasions where there are delays. This can be due to their internal sorting errors, courier transport incidents such as car/plane delays and/or crashes, congestion in both roads or sky paths and/or weather delays. By agreeing to our rental agreement you exempt us from any liabilities due to these delays. If you would like to pursue legal action for a compensation, please contact Courier Post with your postal details, we are more than happy to assist you by providing to you any supporting evidence where necessary for your claim. However, we as a company will not seek compensation on behalf of you as our contract with them can create a conflict of interest if we directly take legal action against our contractors. 

As per our refund policy, if you think that we have not done our duty by sending out the garment in a reasonable time frame to ensure it's delivery to you. Please email us with supporting evidence and we will of course uphold our agreement to the Consumers Guarantee Act by providing a full refund.



Rabbit Borrows offers extended hire if you would like to purchase this for your holiday away/overseas. The cost of an extended hire will be the original hire fee multiplied by the number of weeks. If you're interested in an extended hire on a garment simply book out the dress for the week/s you are wanting it for.



Please return your garment in the prepaid postage bag we provided, by the end of the following business day (2pm). All rentals MUST be handed over the counter at your nearest post shop for it to be scanned. DO NOT put the return bag in the postal boxes - this delays the return process. Rabbit Borrows holds the right to charge you a late fee of $30 per day as an agreement violation if you do not hand your garment in the return bag to a NZ Post before 3pm on the next business day following your rental day. At the point where a garment is handed to NZ Post, the staff will scan the item to show that it has been handed in, we use the tracking details online as proof of return. The garment MUST be returned even if it is damaged to the point where it cannot be rented anymore (damage/replacement fees will also occur in this case).



Our cancellation policy is 24 hours after your order has been placed for a 100% refund UNLESS your order has already been processed and shipped. If 24 hours has passed since your booking with Rabbit Borrows then please refer to our refund policy regarding the amount of refund/credit imbursement you will be able to receive depending on how close you are to the rental date.



We cover standard cleaning for all our garments which includes minor and easily-removable stains. If the garment returns back to us with damages such as but not limited to alcohol stains, fake tan, pins in garments, altering the garment with tacked cotton, makeup stains dirty markings on the trails, we hold the right to charge you for fees associated with stain removal/fixing the garment.

If the garment does not return back to us in a "rentable" state where it is damaged beyond repair (including but NOT limited to unremovable stains, rips and tears) you hereby authorise Rabbit Borrows to charge you for 250% value of the product. The 50% mark up takes into consideration RRP, administrative process, and accessibility to replace the garment (limited edition, no longer in stock, no longer being produced etc.).


8 PHOTOS COPYRIGHT AND PRIVACY; You agree that any pictures you send in (whether it is by email, Instagram and/or Facebook) of yourself in our beautiful garments can be uploaded to our instagram; @rabbitborrows or our Facebook page; @rabbitborrows as well as our website and any other form of online media for marketing purposes. If you oppose to this, please mention this when you are sending in photos. 


9 DISCLAIMER ; All items are bought out of good faith, off various designer websites and second hand websites.. Some items are sourced manufacturer samples and or one off samples.