We know —  ‘reading a rental agreement’ sounds a lot like ‘doing homework’. 

But we promise this agreement is in place to help you understand your obligations, to protect both parties, and to ensure your renting experience with Rabbit Borrows is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

So, without further ado: Rabbit Borrows agrees to rent your item subject to the following:

General commitments  

  • You agree to rent your item for a limited period of time only — Rabbit Borrows retains full ownership of the item.
  • You agree to look after your item with care, as if it were your own.
  • We agree to do everything in our power to deliver quality garments (on time) and a seamless customer experience. 
  • By placing an order with us, you automatically agree to both this Rental Agreement and our Terms & Conditions.

Rental fees 

  • All prices on our site are in NZ dollars.
  • It’s your responsibility to pay the rental fee, shipping costs and GST as detailed in your order. 
  • Rabbit Borrows reserves the right to collect any outstanding amounts from you, including engaging a third party collection agency if necessary. If a third party collection agency is needed, you’ll be responsible for covering this cost (and costs associated with the Disputes Tribunal).

Garment descriptions

  • Our descriptions & images closely resemble what the garment looks like in person, and if there’s any variation due to lighting/filters we’ll make this clear. However — our descriptions, images and measurements are a guide only.  
  • While our items have been thoroughly inspected & cleaned before being sent to you, you acknowledge that they’re not brand new items. They’re pre-worn and pre-loved, so you may find the odd mark, pull or imperfection. 
  • If you receive an item that’s damaged or faulty in any way, please get in touch within 24 hours so we can organise a replacement.

Booking duration

  • Book early to avoid disappointment — we recommend booking your rental at least one week before your event date.
  • For standard Day Events (our most popular booking duration), book the ‘receive date’ as the date you wish to receive the item and ‘end date’ as the day after your event.
  • Alternative booking durations are also available (Evening Events or 5-10 Day hire). See individual guidelines under ‘what duration should I book for?’ dropdown when selecting your date. 
  • Late bookings are at your own risk. If you book within a week (Saturday to Saturday) of your event, you accept the full risk of not receiving your item in time due to potential courier delays. This means there will be no refund or store credit provided for any such delays in your order.

Shipping & tracking 

  • All orders booked for the same week will be posted the next business day at earliest.
  • We deliver garments via NZ Post overnight courier. Overnight delivery is a target only — this means there’s no guarantee for overnight service and we have no control over (and are not liable for) any courier delays. 
  • You accept responsibility to track your order once it’s been processed and a tracking number has been emailed to you. 
  • If you want to track your parcel or arrange collection from your local depot, you’ll need to call 0800COURIER and organise this directly. 
  • If your parcel doesn't arrive on the receive date (and you placed your order more than one week before your event) we’ll offer you a full refund, less the cost of shipping.
  • Redirecting your parcel to a different address can add delays to your delivery. Refunds won’t be given for any such delays. 

Return shipping 

  • Please return your item before 3pm on the return date by placing it in the prepaid courier bag and bringing it into your local NZ Post shop.
  • Items must be handed over the counter and not placed in a street postal box. Post boxes aren’t emptied daily, which will delay the return. If you return your item via post box, you’ll incur late fees and will be liable for any damage/theft.
  • You’ll be charged late fees of $30 per day (or part thereof) for each day your item is late.
  • If you lose the prepaid return bag you’re then responsible for returning the items at your own cost. You MUST send with NZ Post via overnight courier and provide Rabbit Borrows with a tracking number. Contact us (+64 21 0883 1142) if you lose your courier bag and we’ll send you the address.
  • If your item isn’t returned within 14 days it will be deemed lost and you’ll be charged 150% of the retail value. 

Backup option 

  • You have the option of adding a backup item to your order for $25. 
  • Please remove only the tag from the item you wish to wear (and pop the other garment into the clear garment bag provided).  
  • If you want to wear both items, you can remove both tags and we’ll invoice you the outstanding balance.
  • If you want to give your backup option to a friend you can do so, but please be mindful that your name is on the agreement — which means you will be fully liable for any damages as well as upfront payment.

Damage protection

  • You have the option of adding damage protection to your order for $17.50. 
  • This policy covers any further damages to your rental such as rips or stains to a maximum cost of $200NZD per item. You’ll be liable for any costs beyond the $200.
  • If the garment is damaged beyond repair, you’ll be liable to pay 150% of RRP replacement cost (less the $200 covered).
  • Damage protection doesn’t cover costs associated with late returns, irreparable or excessive damage, or loss of item. If you return your item late and it’s excessively damaged, you must pay both the late fees and repair costs. 

Care & damages

  • Included in your rental fee is standard cleaning, which covers minor and easily-removable stains. 
  • If you choose not to pay for damage protection and your item gets excessively dirty (either with alcohol, fake tan, makeup stains or rips/tears) you will be liable to pay an additional cleaning and/or repair fee.
  • If you do cause damage, you agree to return the item without attempting to clean or repair it yourself. You must return the garment to us on the return date, so we can assess the damage with our experienced dry cleaners and tailor to determine a fair price for the repair.
  • If an item is returned in a state beyond repair, Rabbit Borrows reserves the right to charge you 150% of the value of the item. 


  • If you need to cancel an order, you have 24 hours to do so for a full refund back to the original payment method (whether card or gift card). 
  • If you cancel your order after 24 hours have passed, you’ll be given store credit (which may not be full payment) at Rabbit Borrows’ discretion. 
  • If you’ve made an error in your order, please text +642108831142 if it’s urgent (i.e. if your rental is coming up soon). If your order hasn’t already been processed and packed, we’re happy to amend it. If you’ve made an error to an order a few weeks/months away, you can email us instead (hello@rabbitborrows.com).
  • Refunds won’t be given for change of mind situations, or if an item arrives and doesn't fit you.
  • If your item arrives and isn’t the style/colour/size you’ve ordered, contact us within 24 hours and we’ll arrange a full refund or provide a replacement item. 
  • If your event is cancelled due to Covid 19, we can offer you store credit to the value of your rental — provided the cancellation request is received in writing more than 5 days before the event date.
  • Any refunds will be minus the transaction fee for payments made via PoliPay, ZIP, Paypal, Laybuy, Genoapay or Afterpay.
  • If the date of you event changes, you can cancel your booking and get a full store credit to rebook for your new date (provided you give at least one week’s notice).

Pickups & returns from Rabbit Borrows HQ

  • If you live in Auckland you have the option of picking up & dropping off your rental. 
  • We normally require 24 hours notice for pickups (but earlier pickups may be arranged earlier at the discretion of Rabbit Borrows). 
  • Once you’ve made an order, please text or email us to confirm a pickup time.
  • Pickups are agreed by both parties via text or email. Once confirmed, we’ll send the pick up instructions to you, along with the address.
  • Garments must be returned by 3pm on the return date as stated in the order.

Postal try-ons

  • Postal try-ons are available for $30+gst (+ shipping). This cost is non-refundable.
  • Postal try-ons are considered a short-term rental for the purposes of trying on the garment only.
  • If the garment tag is removed, we reserve the right to charge you the full rental amount.
  • If there are indicators that suggest the garment was worn for more than the purpose of a try-on, Rabbit Borrows reserves the right to charge you the full rental amount.
  • All postal try-ons are subject to availability and rental bookings take priority.
  • We open our books for postal try-ons twice a month, on a first in first served basis. When it’s try-on week, a form will appear on the postal try-ons page — which means applications are now open and you’re welcome to apply in line with the schedule outlined on this page.
  • Please check availability of the garment(s) you wish to try before filling out the request form.
  • Please ensure all details are supplied correctly and in full, otherwise your spot will be given to the next person in line. 
  • If you change your mind after you have been sent the invoice, please email us as there may be others waiting to try the dress on.
  • We may not be able to offer postal try-ons for our new arrivals/most popular pieces due to high demand.
  • Try-ons are considered short term rentals and our usual T&Cs & Rental Agreement apply. 

In-person try-ons

  • If you live in Auckland you have the option of booking an in-person try-on session at our HQ in Epsom.
  • To book, simply request your preferred time & date on the calendar on the in-person try-on page. You’ll then get a confirmation email with all the details.
  • Bookings are limited, so it pays to book well in advance.
  • Try-on appointments are for a max of 30 minutes.
  • You’re welcome to bring a friend, but note there’s a max of 2 people in our studio at any given time.
  • If your friend also wants to try things on, we recommend both of you book your own appointments one after the other.
  • In-person try-ons are $20 (to cover our time & prevent no-shows), which will then be re-credited to you in the form of a gift card within 2 business days  of your appointment. Please note if you don’t show up to your appointment or cancel within 24 hours we’re unable to re-credit you. 

Marketing materials

  • Any photos you share with us (via email, Instagram or Facebook) of yourself wearing your garment may be shared on social media, our website or any other form of online media for marketing purposes.
  • If you’d rather we didn’t share your photo, please state this clearly when sending it in.