Consign your couture

Lend your wardrobe through us & start turning your dresses into profits. 

Consignment / noun / ‘kuhn·sine·muhnt’

Consignment is an arrangement in which goods are left with a third party to sell on your behalf. In other words: an easy way to make money without doing any work! 

Got a cupboard full of beautiful garments sitting around gathering dust?

Consign your designer dresses with us & let’s split the profits! 

Becoming a consignor is free & easy. We’ll take care of all the hard work — from marketing your items & managing your bookings through to post-event dry cleaning. You sit back and enjoy the feel-good vibes of supporting our circular economy, and knowing your clothes are making someone else look and feel amazing.

How it works

As a consignor, ownership stays with you. We’ll just help you monetise your items.

STEP 1: Start by cleaning out your closet & making a list of the designer items you’d like to consign. 

STEP 2: Fill in our consignment form at the bottom of this page.

STEP 3: Once submitted, we’ll review your items and get back to you within 5 business days to let you know if they've been accepted for physical inspection. We’ll then either arrange pickup or send you a prepaid courier bag to send them back to us.

STEP 4: Once we've inspected your items, we’ll decide which ones are suitable for renting & a fair rental price  (based on industry experience & what we believe our Borrowers would be willing to pay).

STEP 5: Your items are photographed & added to the website, ready to be booked out! Please allow approx 2 weeks for this stage.

STEP 6: If someone rents your items, you'll be paid 50% of the rental price (minus a $15 fee which covers shipping, dry-cleaning & admin). 

What we're looking for

Whether it’s classy cocktail dresses, cute 21st dresses or timeless two-pieces — we’re always on the hunt for unique styles to give our Borrowers an opportunity to wear something special. 

When it comes to style and colour, we’re open to anything. Our goal is to make fashion more accessible and inclusive to women of all shapes, sizes and style preferences.

  • Brands we love: designers from NZ, Australia, the US & around the world
  • Condition requirements: garments must be in good rentable condition (no stains, holes, fraying etc.) 
  • Sizing: our current customer base is between sizes 6-16 and we’re open to expanding this (with your help!)

So...are you ready to make some $?

Fill out your details below to start your consignment journey with us.

Consignment FAQ

Can I market my own items to increase bookings?

Of course — in fact we’d encourage it! Many of our consignors use their own social platforms to promote their rentals, which seems to work a treat.

Can I still wear my item while you're managing it?

Absolutely, just as long as there are no existing bookings on the same date. If you want to wear your item while it's consigned with us, please get in touch so we can book it out for you. You won’t need to pay to book it but you will need to cover your own shipping & dry cleaning costs.

What happens if my garment gets damaged or lost?

We’re super careful with our inventory, so you’re more likely to see a giraffe dancing the cha cha than your dress going missing. In saying this, when someone rents your item, there’s always the possibility that something can go wrong. If your item does come back damaged, we’ll cover the cost of repair. If it’s beyond repair, we’ll ask the Borrower to reimburse you at a fair market price.

What if I change my mind & want my garment returned?

As a consignor, you always own your items — but we ask that you leave them with us for at least 2 months so we can arrange a content shoot & the marketing collateral required to promote them. lf at any point you decide to opt out, that’s 100% fine. Just get in touch and we'll return your items within 10 working days (provided there are no upcoming bookings). There may be times when we need to retire consignment garments too (if the style no longer fits with our customer base, for example). If we need to retire your garment you’ll get plenty of notice. 

When/how do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly (either on the 1st or the next business day) directly into your account via bank transfer. 

Is there a minimum number of garments I need to list with you?

No — you can start with as little as one dress! However, the more garments you consign with us the more dollars you’re likely to make. As a little incentive, if you consign 5+ garments you’ll receive 20% off all rentals and get early exclusive access to new arrivals. So start looking through your wardrobe ;)

Important Terms

Please read these before you apply.

We reserve the right to return any item at any time that we deem unsuitable for continuing to offer for rent. This could be due to the garment condition, low popularity or any other reason.

The Consignor is responsible for managing their own accounting and taxation obligations.

Rabbit Borrows will provide any requested information outlining total income received over the period. 

Rabbit Borrows takes no responsibility for what we identify as standard wear and tear on your item(s), and no responsibility for replacing items that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. However will do our utmost to recoup a fair replacement cost from the renter on your behalf. 

Payments of your rental commission will be made after each wear of a rental. If an item is returned unworn then you won't be paid. All payments are made within 10 business days of the item being worn but usually much sooner.