Fashion that doesn't cost the earth

We have this crazy vision that fashion should be fun to play with… but not at the expense of the environment. 

‘Cause it shouldn't cost the earth to get dressed. 

And you’re far too cute to be stressed. 


Rabbit Borrows is home to an extensive curation of designer fashion, and a community of both borrowers and consignors. 


Borrow (rent)your dream outfits for a fraction of the retail price.


Consign your designer peices with us & make some easy money

The more you wear, the more you care

We love fashion, but we’re also very aware of the industry’s contribution to climate change.

So we’re on a mission to change the way people think about consuming fashion, starting with a very simple concept: the more we wear our clothes, the better.

Garments worn less than 5 times produce 400% more carbon emissions  per year than garments worn 50 times. And let’s be honest — most of us don’t want to wear the same dress to 5 events in a row. 

So what if you wore something once, then passed it on to someone else to enjoy?

Renting is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. The fact it also happens to be an affordable way to access high-end designs, try the latest trends, and continually update your wardrobe is really just a bonus.

(A really fun bonus.)

For ALL bodies

Women come in all different shapes and sizes — and so do our rentals. 

We currently stock sizes 6 through 16,  but we’re actively looking to grow this range. When selecting new pieces to add to our collection, we look for beautiful party dresses in timeless designs that flatter the female form in all its diverse glory. 

Meet Charmaine

Founder of Rabbit Borrows, Collector of Far Too Many Dresses, Lover of Matcha Lattes, Cat Mum to 3 Fur Babies

What do you get when you mix a lowkey shopping addiction with hoarder tendencies?

A lot of dresses. 

I launched Rabbit Borrows to solve a problem: I was spending too much money on clothes, with no desire to part with any of them. They brought me so much joy… but also guilt, because they spent most of their time in the depths of my wardrobe barely being used. 

So I started renting them out.

With more than 300 designer pieces from 50 international brands, we’ve certainly come a long way from the stack of dresses sitting in the back of my wardrobe.

Enjoy browsing the burrow. I created it just for you!

Char x

Customer reviews
“Love that I can rent something special for one night and look great without the guilt of knowing it would otherwise sit at home going to waste.”
— Olivia D
“Finally an item I haven’t seen on any other rental pages. Easy process, affordable and with a good size range.”
— Faith M