Rabbit Borrows

We are an Auckland-based designer rental company, here to combat the ever-growing trend of fast fashion. Our high quality boutique and designer brands are handpicked by our close-knit team of stylists to ensure you look and feel your best at your next event or special occasion

A little bit about

Fast Fashion

Our primary goal is to combat fast fashion. Here at Rabbit Borrows, we work to support more ethical and environmentally friendly production environments. Did you know that a lot of your favourite commercial brands and retailers are considered fast fashion? Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to sum up the ways in which current fashion trends move quickly from the catwalk to the consumer. The downside? It can also be described as moving quickly to the garbage, as in order to meet this demand, the fabrics are often of a lower quality, the working conditions and fair trade practices are poor, and the lifespan of these garments is shorter. 


The Borrowers Way

The opposite of fast fashion is slow fashion - a conscious fashion movement that’s opposed to pollution, poor workmanship and favours classic styles over brief trends that quickly die out. Because of the higher quality, these styles often come at a higher price tag - which is why renting is such a good option!

Here at Rabbit Borrows we provide garments from fashion-conscious companies at a fraction of the cost. Not only are you spoilt for choice with our large selection of designer dresses, but because these garments can be rented over and over again - we’re extending the lifespan of every piece. The result? Less worn-once-and-never-again garments in your closet, higher quality clothing that you can look good and feel good in and we’re also doing our bit to save the planet because there’s less fashion turning up in our landfills whenever you rent instead of buy.

We encourage all our Rabbit Borrowers to support slow fashion and rent our high quality, long-lasting pieces and do your bit for sustainability and more importantly, for our precious planet.