Struggling to choose between all of our amazing rentals? Not sure if something will fit, but can't get to our Auckland studio to try it on? Worried that your choice might arrive and not be quite right? Our Backup option allows you to select a backup garment in case your first one doesn't fit, or if you're tossing up between two different styles. Backups are only $25 and can be added to any rental (except for our separates).

How It Works


Browse our extensive range of dresses and choose your two garments and add them to your cart - Make sure you select them both for the same rental period.


On the cart page, select the 'yes this is a backup' checkbox. This will add an additional $25 to your order.


Proceed to checkout and enter the code 'BACKUP'. This is entered at the very top of the page, and works just like any other discount code. Entering this code will make the lesser priced item in your order $0. This means you are only paying for one item + $25 for your backup.


We'll then send out both garments, and you can choose which one you will wear. Both items will come tagged, so only remove the tag from the one you wear.


After your event, send both dresses back in our pre-paid courier bag as per normal.


What if I want to wear both?

You're welcome to wear both by removing the tags for both the dresses and you will be invoiced the rental price of both the garments less the back up option value.

What if my friend wants to wear one?

Your friend is more than welcome to wear the other option. By removing the tags for both the dresses, you will be invoiced the rental price of both garments less the back up option. Please be mindful that you are the one agreeing to our rental agreement and terms and conditions which means you'll be fully liable for any damages that incur on the garments whilst in your care. If your friend damages the garment, you will be liable for the upfront payment to us and it is up to you to recuperate this cost from your friend if you wish to do so in your own time.

How will you know which I've worn?

Both dresses are tagged, you can remove the tag on the dress you would like to wear and if it's the rental dress with the lower value we can credit you the difference in value of the rentals through a gift card.