Book a backup option

In between sizes? 
Struggling to choose just ONE beautiful dress?
Prefer multiple options so you can wake up & choose your vibe the day?

(Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us….you should see the size of our closet)

We created the backup option just for you. For an additional $25 you can add a second garment to your rental order — just in case you’re not 100% in love with the first one. 

How It Works

STEP 1:  Add 2 garments to your cart (backups can be added to any rental except for separates). Make sure you select both garments for the same rental period.

STEP 2: On the cart page, select the 'yes this is a backup' checkbox. This will add an additional $25 to your order.

STEP 3: Proceed to checkout and enter the code 'BACKUP' at the very top of the page (this works just like any other discount code). Entering this code will make the lesser priced item in your order $0. This means you’re only paying for one item + $25 for your backup.

STEP 4: You’ll receive both garments & can choose which one you want to wear to your event. Both items will come tagged — simply remove the tag from the one you wear.

STEP 5: Place the garment you don’t wear into the clear garment bag it comes with, to keep it nice & clean.

STEP 6: After your event, send both dresses back in our prepaid courier bag as per normal.


What if I need to wear both dresses?

You can! Remove the tags for both the dresses and you’ll be invoiced the rental price of the second garment (less the backup option value). 

What if my friend wants to wear one?

They can! Remove the tag from both dresses and we’ll sort the invoice afterwards (you’ll be invoiced the rental price of the second garment, less the backup option value). If you’re giving one of the dresses to a friend, please be mindful that your name is on the Rental Agreement/T&Cs — which means you will be fully liable for any potential damages, as well as liable for the upfront payment of the dress.  

How will you know which one I've worn?

Both dresses are tagged, so we’ll be able to see which dress has had the tag removed.

Why rent 1 when you can rent 2?