Dress Rentals NZ

Postal Try-Ons

Ensure the perfect fit with an at-home try-on session.

Wherever you are in NZ, we’ll send you the garment via post so you can check yourself out in the mirror (and give yourself a solid 11/10) before committing to it for your big event 


We open our books for postal try-ons twice a month, on a first in first served basis. When it’s try-on week, you’ll see a form pop up below — which means applications are now open and you’re welcome to apply in line with the following schedule:

  • Monday 12pm: applications open for that particular try-on week. 
  • Before 12pm Friday: you’ll have until midday to fill the form in with your details & requested items.
  • From 12pm Friday: if your rental is available, you’ll receive an invoice. If your rental isn’t available, you’ll receive an email explaining this.
  • Before 12pm Sunday: you’ll have until midday to pay your invoice (or the order will be cancelled).
  • Monday: if your order has been paid for it will now be shipped, ready for you to try!
  • Thursday: return your garment to us via your local NZ Post shop.
Things you should know
  • All postal try-ons are subject to availability and rental bookings take priority.
  • Postal try-ons cost $30 + shipping. This covers admin costs (the same as organising rentals with packaging + sending + cleaning) and also covers the time we block off the piece where it otherwise could have been rented at full rental price. Therefore, this $30 will not be refunded or credited towards your rental.
  • Please check availability of the garment(s) you wish to try before filling out the request form.
  • Ensure all details are supplied correctly and in full, otherwise your spot will be given to the next person in line. 
  • For ball dresses, we highly recommend requesting your try-ons October-February (outside of peak ball season) to avoid disappointment.
  • We may not be able to offer postal try-ons for our new arrivals/most popular pieces due to high demand.
  • Try-ons are considered short term rentals and our usual T&Cs & Rental Agreement apply. 
ready to book your postal try on?

Postal Try-Ons are now open!

Thanks for your patience! Fill in the form below to request your postal try-on.

Be sure to read all the information above before entering your request x